Better Together
Juntos Mejor
Juntos Mejor At Roche Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela, we believe in the importance of placing the patient's voice at the core of all our actions.
As part of our commitment, we introduce our project “Better Together”: a public and open invitation aiming to benefit patients' health by supporting projects framed in advocacy, education, capacity development, science and data generation for decision-making, empowerment and impact in public policy.
“Better together“ stages and schedule
Cronograma Project application format
Nonprofit organizations established in the Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela whose purpose relates to health issues may participate in the call.
Documents certifying that the organization is legally established.
Projects received should refer to the following therapeutic areas:


➜ Breast cancer

➜ Hepatocellular carcinoma

➜ Lung cancer

➜ Lymphomas


Neurological disorders 

➜ Multiple Sclerosis

➜ Neuromyelitis optica


Rare diseases or disorders:

➜ Hemophillia

➜ Spinal Muscular atrophy

➜ Rheumatoid Arthritis

➜ Neovascular age related macular degeneration (nAMD)

➜ Diabetic macular edema (DME)


How do I know if my organization can participate in the Better Together call?

Our call is aimed for non profit organizations established in Central America and the Caribbean whose purpose relates to health issues and that meet the application requirements. To participate by applying for one or more projects, the organization must be legally constituted in your country.

Why Better Together ?

Better Together is a public and open call whose purpose is the application of projects by non-profit organizations focused on health, to receive financial support from Roche Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela for their execution. The purpose of this call is to support projects that benefit patients and/or the public health system in general. It does not have any commercial, promotional purpose with respect to the organizations that eventually participate in Better Together.

Once the entry requirements are fulfilled, how will the selection of projects by Roche work?

Once compliance with the entry requirements has been verified, the admitted projects will go to a review stage by an Evaluation Committee made up of representatives from different areas of Roche, who will be in charge of evaluating according to different criteria. In case your project is selected, we will communicate it via mail and according to the date stipulated in the schedule published on the Better Together website.

If my project is selected, what type of support will I receive from Roche?

The selected projects will receive financial support for the execution of the project that has been selected, for which each organization whose project is chosen must sign the corresponding donation or sponsorship contract with Roche, allocating the funds to the selected project and complying with local legislation and Roche's internal regulation.

Closing of the Process and delivery of evidence. What type of documents should I send to Roche once the project has been implemented?

Once the organization implements the postulated project, it must send an email to [email protected] with the report with the evidence of the materialization and execution of the project, before October 31, 2023. Submit your project